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What is Matcha Live Longer | Matcha Live Longer

What is Matcha Live Longer

Matcha Live Longer is a top grade organic Matcha green tea powder that is USDA Organic and certified NOP and EU Organic by IMO. Used daily for centuries in Asia, Matcha is a superfood loaded with antioxidants to benefit your health. Matcha is pure with no additives and comes in 30 gram sachets.

Matcha grades are measured in the vibrancy of its green colour, based on chlorophyll content and soft texture of the grounded powder. Only the youngest leaves are used, with the tender parts of the leaf included in production and stems being removed.

Made in limited quantities, there tends to be longer harvesting times required for the tea plants to recover from the Japanese tradition of covering the plants with bamboo maps or tarps (which is the process that captures this superfood’s nutrients) to be ready for future hand-picking. Stone grinders usually only produce about 40 grams of Matcha per hour. So it’s a labour of love to create this high-quality organic product that requires such TLC.

When you buy Matcha Live Longer, you can be assured that you are consuming a high grade organic product. If you want the most benefits, only go with the best.

Matcha offers five times the chlorophyll of regular tea to help prevent joint inflammation, clear your skin, and protect your heart and blood. If you want a less processed, holistic alternative to energy drinks, diet shakes and coffee, then look to Matcha Live Longer. With a third less caffeine than regular black coffee, Matcha can energize your mind and body, whilst raising your metabolism. You may well live longer with Matcha Live Longer, as evidenced by the long living Japanese, who have used Matcha green tea powder, as a consistent part of their spiritual regimes, culture and diet.