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Become A Matcha Representative | Matcha Live Longer

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Use Matcha in your Cafe

Your cafe customers will feel their best yet when you introduce the popular organic green tea, Matcha, to your menu. Ideal as an add-in for lattes, meals or as a tea on its own, Matcha Live Longer green tea powder is derived from the highest ceremonial grade Matcha tea and is by far one of the world’s healthiest superfoods.

matcha green tea powder
Buy Wholesale

Don’t pay over the top prices when you can buy wholesale and Matcha Live Longer is an Australian owned company selling Matcha organic green tea powder in bulk. With Matcha Live Longer, you’ll receive free shipping throughout Australia and Matcha uses a secure payment using Paypal or invoice system.

Benefits Of Ordering From Matcha Live Longer

Ordering through Matcha Live Longer will ensure you are getting the highest quality tea and the best service. Matcha Live Longer provides the convenience of fast, safe and secure online ordering so you can order any time, day or night, 7 days a week. Order online for access to exclusive products and with no minimum order, you only order want you need saving time and money.

Sell In Your Store

You can also sell Matcha products to your customers – with no restrictions on selling price, ensuring you receive as much or as little profit as you’d like.

Sign up today and buy your wholesale Matcha products online

Sell Matcha in your Shop

Enhance the health and wellbeing of those around you by sharing the amazing benefits of Matcha organic green tea with wholesale products from Australian owned, Matcha Live Longer.


When you introduce your cafe patrons to Matcha organic green tea, they’re guaranteed to come back wanting more. That’s why Matcha Live Longer sells products in bulk - so you can provide ceremony grade Matcha green tea to your own customers.

Health Store

Improve your store’s customer base by purchasing a range of organic Matcha green tea products in bulk to on-sell. With no restrictions on selling price, you’ll not only benefit your clients by providing the world’s best superfood, you’ll also increase your profits.

Why People Love Matcha

Matcha organic green tea is considered a superfood across the world for its health benefits; from aiding weight loss, to boosting the immune system, lowering stress and even helping to fight cancer.

Order Online

Ordering through Matcha Live Longer’s online store is convenient, safe and secure. Order any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with no minimum order, you only need to buy what you need.

With secure PayPal or invoice payment options and free shipping Australia-wide, share the health benefits of Matcha and sign up to buy wholesale products at matchalivelonger.com.

Being a Matcha Live Longer Representative

Want to turn your love for Matcha into a job? Matcha green tea is sweeping the world as the latest superfood and its demand in Australia is growing exponentially. Matcha Live Longer is looking for independent representatives to sell Matcha to their local area. If you’re looking for a job you can be passionate about and choose your own hours –consider becoming a Matcha Live Longer Representative!

matcha green tea powder There’s no requirements to be a Matcha Live Longer Representative – experience is not necessary! Alternatively, you may be a successful party planner for another industry, or looking for a new sales market? Whatever your circumstances, if you need a second job, or flexible work on the side – register your interest now to be a Matcha Live Longer Rep – and get ready to prosper!

Becoming a Matcha Live Longer Representative means that you can be your own boss and work from home. Plus, you have the flexibility to make your own hours! If you want to work weekends, nights or outside of usual hours – this could be perfect for you. Make a move that will improve your lifestyle, and the health of your clients.

Matcha Live Longer is seeking health food product resellers for this Japanese superfood. Whether you’re experienced in this realm or not – there’s great opportunities to be made!

Matcha Live Longer Reps can buy bulk Matcha from Matcha Live Longer at heavily discounted rates. Reps on-sell Matcha Live Longer and related accessories, however they desire. You could hold Matcha parties or events. Try selling direct through your existing networks, or in store (for small businesses, retail outlets, restaurants or cafes). The options and profit potential for this developing market are endless!

There are not many current stockists, suppliers or distributors of Matcha within Australia. Demand is growing worldwide, as media starts to promote this superfood health discovery. Part of Asian diet for centuries, western research is now being uncovered, and undertaken to publicise the benefits of consuming Matcha green tea powder. Jump on-board now, whilst there are few competitors, to make the most of these advantages, as a Matcha Live Longer Representative.

Prospective customers have been searching for an Australian company to supply their Matcha needs. Residents interested in purchasing organic Matcha green tea have been calling out for Australian suppliers. Consequently, there is an existing local client base, ready to be captured. Buy Matcha Live Longer in bulk and reap the benefits from selling this new product.

Earning Potential

As a Matcha Live Longer Rep you can purchase MLL Representative Launch Packs that contain 64 “Matcha Live Longer Starter Packs” for $2,497.50 (RRP $4,733).

Matcha Live Longer Representatives then have the option of re-selling these packs, and keeping the profit.

Choose your own sales strategies, whether it’s stalls at markets, door to door, or Matcha Live Longer parties where potential clients can taste the product in cooking or various styles of drinks. It’s your call!

Think outside the box and dream big to sell Matcha Live Longer. Go green with an organic product, that’s better for consumers and the environment, as its grown pesticide free! Be proud of the product you’re promoting. Matcha green tea powder is the Japanese superfood that has taken the world by storm. The world is greener through supporting this product, whilst you make everyone green with envy on your sales success! These are just a couple of the benefits of becoming a rep!

Become a Matcha Live Longer Representative by registering your interest and ordering Launch Packs, at only $2,497.50. With each Launch Pack you have an earning potential of $2,235.50 (at RRP). So give it a go!

Promote the health benefits of this amazing product, and profit from the sales of Matcha Live Longer. Sell it to your friends, sporting groups, colleagues, gym or social clubs. Make everyone aware of the natural properties that this superfood contains, so they too can experience the benefits of Matcha green tea powder.

Register your interest to become a Matcha Live Longer Representative today. Contact Matcha Live Longer now to secure your position as an independent Matcha Live Longer Representative. Begin your journey to become a sole trader.

Self Empolyeed Lifestyle

Matcha Live Longer Representatives have the freedom of working from home, as they are their own boss. Matcha Live Longer Representatives act independently, as sole traders. This means Matcha Live Longer Reps can operate as they desire, choosing whatever channels they wish to re-sell their supplies of Matcha Live Longer.

matcha green tea powder Matcha Live Longer Representatives control the price they re-sell their product at – which gives over 45% earning potential, when sold at Matcha Live Longer recommended retail prices. Resellers are free to select whichever channels or distribution networks they desire.

Target whatever markets you like to sell your Matcha Live Longer green tea powder. Focus on the health benefits of this organic Japanese superfood for body, mind and soul.

Order in bulk at huge discounts from Matcha Live Longer. Choose the best method to sell your supplies, as Matcha Live Longer Reps have the liberty of controlling their own business.

The dream of financial and professional freedom is in your reach! Grasp onto the Matcha Live Longer juggernaut, as it’s about to take flight.

Register your interest now to take advantage of the rocketing success that is Matcha – the organic superfood taking the world by storm. Take the first step to becoming a Matcha Live Longer Representative today.