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Organic Matcha | Matcha Live Longer

Organic Matcha

Ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha green tea powder is made organically under traditional harvesting methods that have been passed down through generations, to avoid pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers that can sometimes be present within non-organic Matcha (which can occasionally contain fluoride, depending on where it’s grown). Organic growing methods are crucial, since this tea is fully consumed. Non-organic methods means that the tea plants can accumulate any existing soil or water contaminants. Consequently, better organic brands do tend to be more in price, due to the higher grade of Matcha powder contained within the product.

When consuming Matcha Live Longer, you will find the purest superfood provides a bright green colour to whatever it’s consumed with. With higher beta carotene than spinach, and unlike other tea leaves that are only infused in water, organic Matcha should have a buttery, oceanic, vegetal and sweet taste when the powder is dissolved within your liquid of choice. Occasionally, some batches can feature astringent notes, but water temperature and the amount used can also impact this.

It’s recommended to keep your Matcha well-sealed in the fridge to keep out moisture. People often treat it like a fresh vegetable when they buy it. Once opened, when stored well, it can retain its aroma, flavour and colour for months or weeks, depending on how quickly you consume it. It’s sometimes suggested for the best taste, and optimum health benefits, to consume it as soon as you can after opening.