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How to drink Matcha | Matcha Live Longer

How to drink Matcha

Prepare Matcha with the traditional technique used in Japanese Tea ceremonies since the 12th century



  • Matcha Live Longer Organic Green Tea Powder
  • Hot water


1. We recommend sifting your Matcha tea before making your tea. Sifting gives the Matcha more flavour as well as making it easier to whisk. Measure out 1/4 teaspoon of Matcha Live Longer Organic Green Tea Powder and press it through the Matcha sieve using the Match Bamboo spoon.
Note: We especially recommend sifting if you are using a lower grade of Matcha. If you are not using Matcha Live Longer Organic Green Tea Powder, you may find the powder is lumpy and difficult to dissolve properly.

2. Warm the Matcha tea bowl by filling a 1/3 with hot water. Move the water around in the bowl for a minute, discard the water and wipe the bowl completely dry with your linen tea cloth.

3. Add your sifted Matcha Live Longer Organic Green Tea Powder to your dry tea bowl.

4. Add a fresh 70ml of hot water to your tea bowl. We recommend the water temperature be 70°C(158°F)-80°C(176°F).
Note: Having the water at this temperature will allow you to drink the tea immediately so the tea will not separate.

5. Quickly whisk your Matcha tea with one hand on the whisk and one hand on your tea bowl. Move the whisk in a zigzag motion or W pattern, until the tea has dissolved and a thick froth has formed.

Watch whisking motion below

6. Drink immediately before the tea has time to settle.