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Discover the Ultimate Superfood - organic Matcha Green Tea powder. Unlike typical Green Tea, Matcha is made by stone grinding the whole tea leaf. This way you drink the all the nutrients from the tea leaves, not just the brewed water. Used in the Japanese Tea Ceremonies for centuries, the rest of the world is only just realising what the Japanese found in the 9th century.

The health benefits and weight loss properties of Matcha are due to Matcha's wealth of antioxidants, amnio acids, vitamins and nutrients. Matcha’s the secret of the monks (living long, stress-free lives) consuming this finely milled green tea for over 900 years – and it’s no coincidence that Japan holds humanity’s oldest village.

Swap coffee for Matcha Green Tea and reap the benefits

Matcha Live Longer is the highest quality Matcha green tea available. With 17 times more antioxidants than blueberries, Matcha powder offers metabolism-enhancing, stress-reducing, immune-boosting, and cholesterol-lowering benefits.

One cup of Matcha Green Tea has as many nutrients as 10 cups of regular tea and features high levels of easily absorbable dietary fibre. Matcha offers the caffeine boost of coffee without the jittery side effects. Try Matcha green tea today.


Drink Matcha for your health and productivity

You can’t afford not to drink Matcha Green Tea powder! Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals Matcha improves mental alertness and clarity, providing a stronger immune defence and detoxification.

Matcha contains super antioxidants, 137 times more than regualr green tea. Polypehnols, Catechins and Chlorophyll – plus amino acids (L-theanine and Theophylline) – which add to Matcha's reputation as a cancer-fighter and fat-burner.